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The following example describes a simple trailer swap.

First, you create the following trailer units and specify the sequence of locations, that is, the route:


Location sequence

Creation type

Trailer unit 40 (TRL40)


Creation in the transportation cockpit

Trailer unit 41 (TRL41)


Creation from the user interface for creating trailer units

In this example, truck 01 drives from A to B with trailer X. There it meets truck 02, which has driven trailer Y from C to B. The trailers are switched in B. Truck 01 then drives trailer Y from B back to A. Truck 2 drives trailer X from B back to C.

The documents and assignments look like this:


Location sequence

Assigned trailer units

Freight order 20 (FO20)


TRL41 (C-B)

TRL40 (B-C)

Freight order 21 (FO21)


TRL40 (A-B)

TRL41 (B-A)

The following figure shows this type of trailer swap:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Trail swap illustrated in an example with two trucks with trailers