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In location master maintenance, you can display, create, and change the master data for a location. For information on the deletion of a location, see Delete Location.


       1.      From the SCM Basis menu, choose Master Data Location. The Location Master Data: Initial Screen appears

       2.      Enter a location number and a location type. Location types are predefined.


When you first choose a location type, the input help for the Location field shows you all already existing locations of this location type.


       Display, to view an already created location

       Change, to change an already created location

       Create, to create a new location

       Set Planning Version, to set a planning version for a location. The system sets the active planning version 000 by default.

       Assign Model,to assign one or more supply chain models to a location.

       3.      The screen for the selected location appears.

       4.      Choose a tab page and enter the relevant data in the fields.

You can choose from the following tab pages:

Tab pages of the location master

Tab Page


What You Should Know


Maintain General Data



Maintain Address Data



Maintain Calendar Data



Maintain data for Transportation Planning/Vehicle Scheduling



Maintain Resource Data


VMI General

Maintain General Data for Vendor-Managed Inventory


VMI Customer

Maintain Customer Data for Vendor-Managed Inventory

This tab page is displayed for the location type 1010 Customer only.


Maintain Customer Data for SAP Supply Network Planning


Additional Data

Maintain Additional Fields

The fields on the Additional Data tab page are fields that are not available in the standard system and which must first be released in Customizing. To do so, in the Implementation Guide, choose SCM Basis Master Data Define Free Attributes.

Storage locations

Maintain Data for Storage Location MRP Areas

This tab page is displayed for the location type 1007 Storage Location MRP Area only.


Maintain Data for Transportation Service Provider

This tab page is displayed for the location type 1020 Transportation Service Provider only.


Maintain data for Available-to-Promise.



Maintain Data for SAP Forecasting and Replenishment



Maintain Data for Service Parts Planning



       5.      On each tab page, choose Save when you have finished entering your data.



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