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Characteristic Characteristic: 0TCTPRSMODE


The characteristic Processing Mode (0TCTPRSMODE) describes the order in which processing steps, such as extraction, transformation, and transfer to target, are processed at the runtime of a DTP request. The processing mode also determines when parallel processes are to be separated.

The processing mode of a request is based on whether the request is processed asynchronously, synchronously, or in real-time mode, and on the type of the source object:

  1. Asynchronous Processing

    A request is processed asynchronously in a background process when a DTP is started in a process chain or a real-time request is updated. The processing mode is based on the source type.

  2. Synchronous Processing

    A request is processed synchronously in a dialog process when it is started in debug mode from DTP maintenance. Real-time requests cannot be started in debug mode.

  3. Real-Time Processing

    A request is processed in real-time mode when it is started using a real-time demon.

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SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI Content Add-On 2

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