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SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) supports you in all activities connected with the physical transportation of goods from one location to another. You can use SAP TM to perform the following activities, for example:

  • Create forwarding orders for your ordering parties

  • Transfer orders and deliveries from an ERP system

  • Create freight bookings

  • Plan the transportation and select carriers

  • Tender transportation services

  • Dispatch and monitor the transportation

  • Calculate the transportation charges for both the ordering party and the supplier side

  • Consider foreign trade and dangerous goods regulations

You can use SAP TM to create and monitor an efficient transportation plan that fulfills the relevant constraints (for example, service level, costs, and resource availability). You can determine options to save costs and to optimize the use of available resources. You can react to transportation events and find solutions to possible deviations from the original transportation plan.


SAP TM is integrated with the following software components:


Integration Type

SAP ERP (or another ERP system)

SAP TM is integrated with ERP systems by means of PI interfaces. Invoicing and invoice verification take place in a connected ERP system. Orders and deliveries from SAP ERP can be converted into TM transportation requirements automatically.

SAP Event Management (SAP EM)

You can use event tracking to monitor the execution status of your transportation.

SAP Environment, Health & Safety (SAP EH&S)

You can use SAP TM to ensure a safe transportation of dangerous goods that is also in accordance with legal regulations. SAP TM checks the business documents with respect to the regulations in force and ensures that the goods are transported in accordance with these regulations.

The forwarding orders from your ordering parties can also be created and confirmed automatically by means of PI interfaces.


SAP TM covers the following subcomponents with the following functions, for example:

  • Forwarding Order Management

    You can use forwarding order management to create, edit, and confirm the forwarding orders from your ordering parties. Furthermore, you can create forwarding quotations and send them to your ordering parties. While the orders and quotations are being created, you can also have the system determine the transportation route, and you can check the transportation charges.

  • ERP Logistics Integration

    The ERP logistics integration supports the transfer of orders and deliveries from SAP ERP to SAP TM as well as the planning and execution processes based on the ERP data.

  • Freight Order Management

    You can use freight order management to create and edit freight orders and freight bookings that then form the basis of transportation planning. You can then perform carrier selection, and either subcontract the freight orders directly to a carrier or you can perform tendering.

  • Planning

    In planning, a transportation plan is created on the basis of the orders that were either entered in forwarding order management or transferred via an ERP system. You can perform planning either manually or automatically. Here the system uses advanced planning algorithms (optimization).

  • Forwarding Settlement and Freight Settlement

    From SAP TM, you can trigger invoicing and invoice verification that take place in the ERP system.

  • Master Data and Transportation Network

    You can use these SAP TM components to create and administer all the master data that you need for the activities in SAP TM, for example, business partners, locations, and products.