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Technical Data

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SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP SCM 7.0

ECC software component


ECC application component

EH&S Service (SCM-BAS-EHS)

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Not relevant

SAP Enterprise Services

Not relevant

JAVA software component

Not relevant

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You use this business function to extend the existing functions in the EH&S Service component.


The functions of the EH&S Service component can be used in other SCM applications.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Is Needed Only for the Following Features

Software Component




With this business function the dangerous goods checks component has been extended to include the check method mixed loading checks. The mixed loading checks determine whether dangerous goods can be loaded together. This requires checks at different levels and allows regulation-dependent rules and enterprise-specific special cases to be mapped. The dangerous goods master dialogue has been extended to include the Mixed Loading tab page.