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A migration project consists of a set of steps to define and execute migration solutions required to refresh the data in the non-production landscape.

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All migration solutions in a project must belong to the same portfolio item.

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You have created or copied a consistent project template.


In the Projects work center, you can view existing projects, create new projects, or modify existing projects.

Viewing Projects

  • You can switch between viewing projects created by you and viewing all projects created in the system.

  • To view complete details, click on a particular project name from the list of projects.

  • Choose the Also finished Projects pushbutton to view completed projects

Creating Projects

  • Choose the New pushbutton to create a new project.

    The Project Composer appears in a new window.

    To create a project using the three-step guided activity, proceed as follows:

    1. Enter a project name and description.

    2. Assign a project template to the project by selecting an available template from the input help.

    3. Create an execution plan by defining the solutions and their order of execution. By default, all migration solutions in the project template are added to the execution plan.

      You can change the sequence of execution of each solution.

      You can also add a migration solution more than once to the execution plan with a different step number.

      After you complete the guided activity, the Project Details screen appears.

    4. Assign a system landscape to every step of the execution plan for which you want to create a migration package.

      You can use the information under Next Task to view the next mandatory step.

      You can also assign values to migration parameters, scrambling rules, assign additional project members, and create project messages and notes.

      For more information, see Migration Parameters and Data Scrambling.

    5. Finally, click on Create Package on the Execution Plan tab page to create the migration package for your execution plan step.

      The migration process tree for the migration solution appears.

Modifying Projects

  1. To edit a project, click on a particular project name from the list of projects.

    The detailed screen for the project appears

  2. Choose the Edit pushbutton to modify the project details.

Note Note

Any changes you make to the project do not affect any existing migration packages. However, the modifications are visible in a new migration package.

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