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Background documentationMigration Requirements


Migration requirements define your business requirements for data migration during a TDMS run.

SAP TDMS provides solutions for the following migration requirements:

  • Time-Based Reduction

  • Company Code and Time-Based Reduction

  • Transfer of Master Data and Customizing

  • Full Transfer of Client-Specific Data

  • Client-Specific Data Deletion

  • Data Import through Files

  • Object-Based Reduction for Industries

  • System Shell Creation

  • BPL-Based Transfer (for the Business Process Library)

  • Transfer of ERP SAP HCM Data

  • Stand-Alone Scrambling

Each of the migration requirements listed above contains several application-specific migration requirements, such as Time-Based Reduction for SAP ERP or Object-Based Reduction for SAP Banking.

For more information, see Migration Solutions.