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Background documentationTroubleshooting


When activities in the process tree are not completed with the status green, you can analyze the reasons for and resolve the errors using the troubleshooting activities.

The following errors are possible:

  • The activity was completed with errors (red traffic light).

  • The activity was terminated (flash icon).

  • The activity seems to run endlessly.

Recommendation Recommendation

Before you use the troubleshooting activities, try to execute the incorrectly executed activity again.

End of the recommendation.


  • You are using SAP Test Data Migration Server4.0.

  • You have created a project using a project template. You have created a package for a step in the execution plan. You can call up the package from the execution plan.

  • You are in the process tree. An activity was executed with errors. You have attempted to execute this activity again.


In the Process Tree view, you can analyze each activity that was executed incorrectly and remove the errors. To do this, select the appropriate activity and choose Troubleshooting. On the left of the screen, you can view proposals about how the errors can be found and resolved.

More Information

For more information on the troubleshooting activities, see the process tree. Select the activity and choose the Troubleshooting Activities tab page.