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Function documentationAssignment of Migration Parameters in Projects


Project-level parameters allow you to set migration criteria for a project.


  • You have created a migration project based on the project template for your migration solution.

  • You have ensured that the settings of the project template parameters allow the use of interfaces on a project level.

  • You have defined a TDMS system landscape.


While defining parameters, you are required to select interfaces and choose the Edit Values hyperlink.

You can specify values for the interfaces at the project level or at the execution plan step level.

You can upload or download data or maintain the data manually at the project level or at the execution plan step level.

For certain interfaces, you can validate the correctness of the parameter values.


  1. Open a project and switch to the edit mode.

  2. On the Project Parameters tab page, select a parameter and choose Edit Values. A new dialog box opens where you can enter the values.

  3. If the parameter requires a validation check in the remote systems, assign a system landscape to the parameter.

  4. Select each migration parameter and assign a value to the parameter in the right of the dialog box. You can also assign values to the parameters by uploading data from a local file.

    Note Note

    You can download your data to a local file.

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    • Select the Final check box to indicate that the parameter values defined at the project level overrides the parameter values defined at the execution plan step level.

  5. Select the Check pushbutton to validate the parameter values.

    Note Note

    The validate function is not available for some interfaces.

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  6. Save the project parameter settings.


Select the Data Slice Date interface: Choose the Edit Values hyperlink. Select the data slice date parameter. A new dalog box opens. Enter the date. On the right of the screen, enter 01.01.2012 in theSpecify Data Slice Date field. Save your entry. SAP TDMS sets this date as the data slice date for all migration packages in your project. You can validate the entered data by choosing the Check pushbutton