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Background documentationProject Composer


The project composer simplifies the process of adding a new migration solution to a project execution phase.

You can use the project composer to create a new project or modify an existing project.


  • You are using SAP Test Data Migration Server 4.0.

  • You have created a project template.


Using the Project Composer, you can create a new project or modify an existing project.

The composer view consists of the following phases:

  1. Project Name

  2. Project Template

  3. Solutions


To create a new project, proceed as follows:

  1. Project Name: Enter the project name and a description of the project here, and choose Next.

  2. Project Template: If you have copied an existing project template for this project, its name is proposed by the system. Otherwise choose the project template here. You can use the input help to select an existing project template, copy and adapt it. Choose Next.

  3. Solutions: Here you can assign migration solutions to your project execution plan, change their order, or remove them.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    We recommend that you use the phase sequence delivered by SAP

    End of the recommendation.

    Changing the sorting of predecessor and successor migration solutions has an effect on the display in the portfolio, project templates, and execution plan.

    Example Example

    You can change the predefined combinations in the project composer.

    You can assign solutions to the project execution phases. Select solutions on the right and choose the Add to Execution Plan pushbutton.

    End of the example.

To change an existing project, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the enhanced view.

  2. After you select an existing project from the project list, you can change it in the third step of the project composer.