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Background documentationSolution: Transfer of BPL Objects


This migration solution is applicable to the migration of data related to Business Process Library (BPL) objects.

With this migration solution, you can migrate the following types of data:

  • Master Data: You can transfer master data for a list of specified BPL objects.

  • Transaction Data: You can transfer transaction data for a list of BPL objects.

  • Process Data: You can transfer data related to business processes for a list of BPL objects .

  • Common Subobject Data: You can transfer data for additional BPL objects included in higher-level BPL objects.

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    To ensure a high level of data consistency in the receiver client for the specified BPL object, SAP TDMS transfers additional business-relevant data as well.

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You can carry out data scrambling in the sender system after selecting data and before transferring the data to the receiver system.

SAP TDMS copies the data selected for transfer to a data cluster and scrambles the cluster data before transfer.


Migration Phases: The migration solution includes the following phases:

  • Migration Phase: Technical Settings

    In this phase, you make certain technical settings to ensure that SAP TDMS transfers data related to specific business processes. In addition, you can view the list of tables that TDMS BPL transfers with the selected BPL object.

  • For the data you want transferred, you can choose the logical system name for the sender system to the logical system name for the receiver system.

  • Migration Phase: Configuration and Selection

    In this phase, you create the technical migration objects that are specific to the BPL object you selected in the work center. You also trigger the execution of the data selection filtering criteria.

    If you want to scramble sensitive data in the sender system. you can make the scrambling settings in this phase.

  • Migration Phase: Data Transfer

    In this phase, you execute the final checks before data transfer to ensure that no significant changes have taken place in the repository while your SAP TDMS project is running. SAP TDMS deletes the existing data from the receiver client based the parameter values you entered and starts the data transfer process. Additionally, SAP TDMS makes a few post-transfer settings in the receiver system such as clearing the temporary views filled during the data deletion.

Data Selection Criteria: SAP TDMS transfers data based on your selection criteria for root tables. Enter your selection criteria for a BPL object in the BPL Modeler. To change the selection criteria, copy the BPL object, set the desired table as a root table, and set the desired fields of the root table as active. For each field set as active in the BPL modeler, you can specify a single value, multiple values, or a range of data as the selection criteria by using variants in the Projects work center.

Note Note

You can only create variants at the execution step (package) level.

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