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Background documentationSolution: Transfer of PA Data for SAP ERP HCM


This migration solution is applicable to the migration of Personnel Administration (PA) data from an SAP ERP HCM system.

With this migration solution, you can migrate the following types of data:

  • Master Data: Specify the PA infotypes to enable SAP TDMS to select all infotypes data for migration.

    Note Note

    If you do not specify any infotype data, SAP TDMS selects all tables belonging to the PA Infotypes for migration.

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  • Cluster Data: Specify the cluster tables to be transferred, so that SAP TDMS can select all data for these clusters for migration.

    Note Note

    If you do not specify any cluster tables, all cluster tables are selected for transfer.

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  • Country-Specific and International Data: You can migrate data for country-specific tables and international tables.

  • Customer-Created Tables: You can migrate data for some customer-created tables by creating a table grouping.

  • Process and Forms Data: You can migrate data for business processes such as exchange of ID cards or for forms such as medical insurance forms.

  • Assign Objects to a Selection ID: You can generate and view a list of HCM objects based on the business criteria you specify. You can transfer the list of objects, such as personnel numbers, to a receiver system from the system in which you carried out the selections.


You can carry out data scrambling in the sender system after selecting HCM data and before transferring the data to the receiver system.

SAP TDMS copies the data selected for transfer to a data cluster and scrambles the cluster data before transfer.


This migration solution includes the following data migration phases:

Phase:Technical Settings

In this phase, you make specific technical settings as a prerequisite for data transfer. The technical settings include settings for the project, subproject, mass transfer ID and the TDMS cluster.

Phase:Configuration and Selection

In this phase, you execute Customizing activities to specify the type of data you want to transfer. The Customizing activities enable the following settings:

  • Exclude objects from data transfer

  • Target ranges in the receiver system

  • Technical switches

  • Transfer groups for HCM tables

  • Portion size for selection and deletion

In addition, you specify criteria to identify objects for transfer and to start the data selection as well as confirm your data selection.

Phase:Data Transfer

In this phase, SAP TDMS makes the final preparations for data transfer, deletes any existing data from the receiver client and starts the process of data transfer.

After data transfer is complete, SAP TDMS carries out post-transfer processing. You can choose to refresh the data selection clusters and reset the transfer settings to execute the same package again for further transfers.

Note Note

You can transfer data using RFC connections or data files. If you choose to transfer data through data files, export the file to the transport directory or any other path, and execute the Data Import Through Files for SAP ERP HCM migration solution. Executing the migration solution imports the data files to the receiver system.

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