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Background documentationData Scrambling


Data scrambling in SAP TDMS is designed to protect confidential and sensitive data from unauthorized users by making the data anonymous in the non-production system. You can carry out data scrambling in the following usage scenarios:

  • Stand-Alone Scrambling: When you want to scramble the data in a system, but not transfer the scrambled data to another system, , you can use the Stand-Alone Scrambling migration solution.

  • Scrambling During Data Transfer: You can use this usage scenario to scramble data selected for transfer to the receiver system. SAP TDMS transfers the selected data in the sender system to a data cluster in the sender system and scrambles the data. After data scrambling, SAP TDMS transfers the data to the receiver system.


A TDMS run is typically carried out for a migration solution. The scrambling engine picks up the relevant scrambling rules for the solution category and the underlying migration solution.

Scrambling rules allow you to select data for scrambling and define the scrambling method.

Whenever you activate scrambling for a migration solution, new activities relevant to scrambling are added to the migration process tree


For Both Usage Scenarios:

You can use the scrambling customizing provided by SAP TDMS for the following business object attributes:

  • Vendor Number

  • Customer Number

  • Material Number

  • Vendor Address and Customer Address

  • HCM-Related Content

You can carry out custom scrambling by carrying out the following steps:

  • Create scrambling objects such as solution categories, scrambling groups, scrambling rules, and global mapping types.

  • Assign migration solutions to solution categories.

  • Assign groups or rules to supergroups, or assign rules to groups, according to your business requirements.

  • Assign required local or global mapping type to the rules.

  • Simulate data scrambling by using user-defined data or the data residing in the execution system.

More Information

See the how-to guide for data scrambling with SAP TDMS on SAP Service Marketplace at published on SAP site.