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Background documentationBusiness Process Library


The Business Process Library in SAP TDMS (TDMS BPL) is a collection of specific SAP business processes. You use the BPL-Based Transfer migration solution to transfer data relevant to the business processes from the sender system to the receiver system.

SAP TDMS provides a BPL object for each of the business processes available with TDMS BPL. The BPL object enables the transfer of data relevant to its corresponding business process.


You have created or copied a consistent project template by selecting the required BPL object in the TDMS work center.


  • SAP TDMS transfers the relevant data of BPL object based on the selection criteria you specify in your TDMS project for BPL.

  • The following elements are a part of the BPL object:

    • Root Table: The starter table that specifies the reduction criteria for the BPL object. Data selection for a BPL object starts with the root table.

    • Tables: Database tables that are transferred as part of the selected BPL object.

    • Subobjects: BPL objects included with another BPL object. A subobject can be transferred separately or included with a BPL object.

  • Transferring all elements of a BPL object is necessary to ensure a high level of data consistency in the receiver system.


Working with the BPL Modeler

You can use the predefined BPL objects available with SAP TDMS or use the BPL Modeler to model your own BPL objects.

You can carry out the following activities in the BPL Modeler:

  • Define RFC settings

  • View a list of all BPL objects

  • View a list of tables as a part of the selected BPL object

  • View a list of subobjects as a part of the selected BPL object

  • View the foreign key or link mappings

  • View the reduction criteria

  • Create new BPL objects

  • Copy a BPL object and modify it according to your needs

  • Modify BPL objects, including:

    • Add tables

    • Add subobjects

    • Modify foreign key or link mappings

    • Delete tables

    • Deactivate or activate subobject links

    • Set a table as a root table or remove the selection

Creating a BPL project from the Projects Work Center

  • Specify the BPL objects you want to set for transfer in the Projects work center.

  • Create a project relevant to TDMS BPL and specify data selection parameters in the form of variants.

  • Create a migration package related to TDMS BPL.

  • Access the BPL migration process tree to carry out the BPL data migration.

More Information

See the How-To guide for TDMS BPL on SAP Service Marketplace at published on SAP site.