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Background documentationSolution: Logical System Rename


SAP TDMS provides a conversion package and ready-to-use content for which you can convert the logical system names to your preferred list of names.

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This stand-alone solution does not involve any data transfer.

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Stand-Alone Conversion: Phases

The Logical System Rename stand-alone solution includes the following phases:

  • Package Settings: In this phase, you define your preferred list of logical system names. You also maintain additional tables and fields relevant for data conversion.

  • Data Scrambling: SAP TDMS converts the selected data based on the settings made in the previous phase.

  • Post-Transfer Processing: In this phase, you execute background activities to delete the following temporary objects created during conversion:

    • Table Data

    • Buffers

    • Indexes

    • Views


Execute the process tree for Logical System Rename.