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Create RFC Connection for Back-End Transactions (Fact Sheets)Locate this document in the navigation structure


From fact sheets, you can access the back-end server and start transactions there (in SAP GUI or Web Dynpro). To enable this, you need to establish a connection between the SAP Fiori launchpad and the back-end system. Perform the following steps on the front-end server:


From mobile devices or tablets, you cannot access SAP GUI or Web Dynpro transactions through the SAP Fiori launchpad.


  1. Identify the system alias for the back-end transactions as follows:
    1. Run transaction Overview of Launchpads (LPD_CUST) on the front-end server.

    2. Select the relevant role with Instance TRANSACTIONAL and double-click it.


      There is a role for each front-end application. Select the front-end application that corresponds to the back end for which you want to define the RFC connection. Example: You want to establish an RFC connection that enables users to run the transaction Display Purchase Order in the SAP SRM back-end system. In this case, you need to select the role corresponding to the SAP SRM front-end application.

    3. In the left-hand screen area, select a row where Transaction is displayed as the Application Description. The system alias is displayed in the right-hand screen area.

  2. Create an RFC connection of type H (HTTP connection) in transaction Configuration of RFC Connections (sm59).

    Use the system alias identified under 1. as the RFC Destination.

  3. Enter the Target Host under Technical Settings in transaction Configuration of RFC Connections (sm59).