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Enable SAP Fiori Search for Multiple Systems (Optional)Locate this document in the navigation structure


In the SAP Fiori landscape, you can connect multiple ABAP back-end servers to have the installed systems browsed by SAP Fiori search. Each back-end server must run on an SAP HANA database and must have SAP Fiori search installed and configured.

One back-end server acts as a proxy to which the other back-end servers are connected.

The connected back-end servers act as clients. Their content can be browsed using the SAP Fiori search on the proxy.

Enable SAP Fiori Fact Sheets for Multiple Systems

The results list of SAP Fiori search is the main entry point to fact sheets.

For information about how to enable fact sheets for multiple systems, see Enable SAP Fiori Fact Sheets for Multiple Systems (Optional).


To enable SAP Fiori search for multiple systems, proceed as follows:

  1. Set up SAP Fiori search on each of the back-end servers. For more information, see Setup of SAP Fiori Search.

  2. Connect the search systems on the different back-end servers. For more information, see under Start of the navigation path Technology Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Platform Next navigation step <release> Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step Function-Oriented View Next navigation step Search and Operational Analytics Next navigation step Embedded Search Next navigation step Setting Up Embedded Search Next navigation step Optional: Establishing Connection to Back-End Systems End of the navigation path.