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Defining Routing Rules for SAP Web Dispatcher and SAP HANA XSLocate this document in the navigation structure


For analytical apps, a connection is established between SAP HANA XS and SAP Web Dispatcher. You define the routing rules to the required target system to ensure that requests are directed to the correct server.

For the connection between SAP HANA XS and SAP Web Dispatcher, you need the following routing rules:

URL Prefix

Target System






For more information about the prerequisites, see Configuring Communication Channel between Clients and SAP Web Dispatcher.


SAP recommends that only those requests corresponding to the services required for the applications that you want to use should be routed to the application servers.

  1. Define routing rules for each SAP Business Suite-on-HANA system.

    For more information, see Routing Rules for SAP Business Suite-on-HANA Systems.

  2. If you have different application components deployed on different SAP Business Suite-on-HANA systems, you must define additional routing rules.

    For the list of routing rules, see Routing Rules for Multiple SAP Business Suite-on-HANA Systems.

  3. If your system landscape application components are deployed on different SAP Business Suite-on-HANA systems, each with its own KPI modeling data, you must specify additional modification rules.

    For more information, see Modification Rules for Multiple Instances of KPI Modeling Framew.

  4. If the KPIs are provisioned using OData services on SAP Gateway, you must customize the delivered remote catalog and the remote catalog that contains the KPI modeling apps.

    For more information, see Additional Requirements for KPIs that are based on SAP Gateway.