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SAP Fiori analytical apps can access an SAP HANA database on behalf of an individual user to retrieve data according to the user’s authorizations. For more information, see the SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite Administrator’s Guide on SAP Help Portal at of the navigation path Installation, Security, Configuration, and Operations Information Next navigation step Administrator’s Guide Next navigation step Security Next navigation step User Administration and Authentication End of the navigation path.


Users must have the same user names in the ABAP front-end system and the SAP HANA system.

User names in SAP HANA have to comply with the following syntactical rules:

  • User names have to start with a letter.

  • User names can contain letters (Aa-Zz), digits, and underscores (“_”).

  • Other characters like dots or minus are not allowed.

User names in SAP ABAP can contain characters that are not allowed in SAP HANA. If you use SAP HANA and SAP ABAP, ensure that your ABAP users also comply with the SAP HANA rules.

For more information about user synchronization, see Synchronizing SAP HANA Database Users.

For analytical apps that provide insight-to-action features, a back-end role is needed for those transactional apps and fact sheets that the user can navigate to. For more information, see Users in ABAP Back-End System.