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Enable SAP Fiori Fact Sheets for Multiple Systems (Optional)Locate this document in the navigation structure


If you have configured SAP Fiori search to browse the systems installed on multiple back-end servers, you can also configure fact sheets for multiple back ends. This enables you to call up the fact sheet of a business object listed in the search results, regardless of the system the business object resides in. While it is possible to search across multiple systems, the data displayed in a fact sheet always comes from one system.

For more information about SAP Fiori search for multiple back ends, see Enable SAP Fiori Search for Multiple Systems.


Create system aliases in SAP Gateway.


You require at least SAP Gateway 2.0, support package stack 9. For more information about how to manage system aliases in a landscape with several back-end systems to retrieve data from, see under Start of the navigation path Configuration and Deployment Information Next navigation step Configuration Guide Next navigation step SAP Gateway Configuration Guide  Next navigation step SAP Gateway Configuration  Next navigation step Connection Settings for SAP Gateway Hub System Next navigation step Connection Settings: SAP Gateway to SAP Systems  Next navigation step System ID in Origin Segment Parameter End of the navigation path.