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Assign Role with Launchpad Start Authorization to End UsersLocate this document in the navigation structure


SAP delivers a predefined role with start authorizations for the SAP Fiori launchpad.


You have created a user in transaction SU01, using the same user ID as on the back-end server.

  1. Run transaction Role Maintenance (PFCG) to copy the role SAP_UI2_USER_700 to your customer namespace.

  2. On the Menu tab, open the menu of the button for adding objects (+ button). Choose the object type Authorization Default.

  3. Choose TADIR Service from the menu for the Authorization Default. Specify the following values:

    • Program ID: R3TR

    • Object Type: IWSG

  4. In the table, enter the following services:

    • ZINTEROP_0001


  5. On the Authorizations tab, choose Propose Profile Name next to the Profile Name field.

  6. Choose Change Authorization Data and then Generate.

  7. Assign the new role to your test user.