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Before you can use SAP Gateway functionality, you have to activate it globally in your system. You can activate and deactivate SAP Gateway. When you deactivate it, all SAP Gateway services stop running, no consumer servers can communicate with it, and an error message is sent to any system that calls for the services.


From SAP NetWeaver 7.4 Support Package 6, you can perform setup tasks for SAP Fiori by using task lists that SAP delivers. A task list groups configuration tasks logically and guides you through the necessary tasks.

For an overview of all task lists and tasks for SAP Fiori, see Configuration Using Task Lists.

You can use the following task list to perform this step:



Ensure that you have installed and configured the consumer server.

You have completed the installation and post-installation configuration for SAP Gateway. For more information, see Connect SAP Gateway to Back-End System (Trusted RFC) and Managing RFC Destinations.

  1. In Customizing for SAP NetWeaver, choose Start of the navigation path UI Technologies Next navigation step  SAP Fiori Next navigation step Initial Setup  Next navigation step Connection Settings (Front-End Server to ABAP Back-End Server) Next navigation step Activate SAP Gateway End of the navigation path.

    A message displays.

  2. Choose Activate.

    A message displays informing you of the current status.