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This function assigns a purchasing organization and purchasing group — that differ from those maintained in the organizational plan of your enterprise — to the following documents:

·        External requirements

·        Shopping carts

·        Purchase orders (POs)

·        Purchasing contracts

·        Bid invitations

You use this function to automatically distribute the workload of documents among the purchasers in your enterprise. It enables you to override the settings in your organizational plan without changing the organizational plan.

You set up rules that direct to which documents purchasing organizations and purchasing groups (hereafter referred to as purchasing organizations/groups).are assigned. The system assigns the documents, after which they appear in the work lists of the purchasers responsible for processing.

It is also possible to reassign documents that were previously assigned to an organization or group (if, for example, the purchaser responsible is absent).


The standard system assigns purchasing organization/group to purchasing documents on the basis of the settings in the organizational plan. For more information, see Creating the Organizational Plan. If you do not set up rules for workload assignment, the system assigns the purchasing documents to this standard purchasing organization/group.

If the system cannot assign a document on the basis of the rules, the system assigns it the standard purchasing organization/group. In such cases, you can use the workload reassignment function to assign the documents to the required purchasing organization/group. For more information, see Workload Reassignment.



The system uses workload assignment function differently, depending on the type of purchasing document. The differences are outlined below.

External Requirements and Shopping Carts

When a purchasing requisition from a back-end system is sent to SRM — and converted to a requirement — the workload assignment function assigns the requirement to the purchasing organization/group defined in the rules. The same applies when a shopping cart is created in the SRM system.

Depending on your settings in Customizing, the requirements to which the system could not assign a valid source of supply appear in the worklist (in the transaction Carry Out Sourcing) of the user(s) responsible for the purchasing organization/group.

For more information, see Sourcing of Requirements.

Purchase Orders, Purchasing Contracts and Bid Invitations

The workload assignment function assigns a purchasing organization/group to a PO, contract, or bid invitation when the respective document is created from a requirement in the Sourcing application. These purchasing organizations/groups may differ from the ones assigned upon creation of the requirement.

In both cases, after assignment, the documents appear in the work lists (in the transactions Process Contract, Process Purchase Order, and Process Bid Invitation, respectively), of the user(s) responsible for the assigned purchasing organization/group. From here, the documents can be processed as normal.

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