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If necessary, you can change an item type in an integrated RFx during the Award phase. This is useful if the final Item Type has not yet been determined when you are setting up an RFx.

For example, as part of the supplier's RFx response, a supplier might offer to change a material item to a consignment inventory Item so that you are only charged for the item when it is consumed in the manufacturing process. In this example, you would open the RFx award and change the item type for that line from Material to Consignment.

The supplier will be able to review any changes you make when a Master Agreement is created from the RFx award.

Additionally, note the following:

  • The system does not validate changes in regard to the chosen Item Types and its respective business scenarios. It is your responsibility to make valid changes only.

  • Publishing a document to SAP ERP can be disrupted if a line item has been imported from an SAP ERP RFQ. SAP ERP does not allow you to change the Item Type during document creation if there is a reference to a Purchase Requisition/RFQ. Do not change the Item Type in documents imported from SAP ERP.

To change an item type in an accepted RFx award scenario, prior to publishing the RFx to SAP ERP, do the following:

  1. Open the RFx and choose Edit.

  2. On the Awards page, open the award.

  3. On the Award tab, choose the RFx response to open it for editing

  4. On the Editing: RFx Response Award page, under Award Details, change the Item Type as needed for any of the awarded items.

  5. Save your changes.