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On the Pricing Model tab of RFx Setup, you can:

  • Allow multiple line item offers

  • Allow respondents to enter substitute part numbers and descriptions

  • Require a price on all line items

  • Select the RFx pricing structure

    Note Note

    This is available only for nonintegrated documents.

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  • Set fixed costs for the RFx


Field Help for the RFx Setup: Pricing Model Page

General Functions


Allow Multiple Line Item Offers

Select to allow suppliers to submit multiple offers for the same line item.

Allow Substitute Part Number

Select to allow suppliers to provide a substitute part number for a line item.

Require Price On All Line Items

Select to require suppliers to enter a price for every line item in the RFx. You can undo this requirement for individual line items by deselecting Price Required on the RFx Line Items page.

Variable Costs Functions


Pricing Structure

This field indicates how the supplier can respond to a line item. Select one of the following pricing structures:

  • Unit Price: Select this option for the supplier to enter a unit price value or calculate a unit price by formula. For more information on formulas, see RFx Formula.

  • Unit Price Components: Specify the components for unit price. For example, you might specify components for base price, duty, and delivery.

    In the RFx response, the supplier will enter prices for each component and the system will calculate the unit price as the total of the component prices.

  • Tiered Pricing: If you select this option, you must specify quantity ranges in Quantity Price Schedule field on the Line Items page. In the RFx response, the supplier enters prices for each quantity range.

    For more information, see Specifying Tiered Pricing for RFx Line Items.

    Note Note

    Integrated documents are simplified and support only the unit price model in conjunction with price conditions, which provide a similar functionality to the three pricing structures described above. For more information about integrated documents see Integration with SAP ERP.

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Lock Purchaser-Defined Quantity Ranges for Supplier

This is only available if you select Tiered Pricing as the Pricing Structure. Select to lock the quantity ranges you specified in Quantity Price Schedule on the Line Items page. Locking the quantity ranges prevents the supplier from altering the minimum or maximum of the quantity ranges, or adding or deleting quantity ranges. Leave deselected to allow the supplier to edit the quantity ranges.

Item Types



Item Type

The name of the Item Type.

Display Item Type as Material for Suppliers

If selected, you can display this Item Type as Material to suppliers.

Note Note

The Item Types Visibility section only displays when the document type is ERP Integrated and you selected Item Types other than Material and Service.

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To access the RFx Setup: Pricing Model page:

  1. In the RFx, choose   Document   Setup   Pricing Model  .

  2. Enter data as needed.

  3. Save your entries.