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The ABAP Coverage Analyzer is a tool for collecting and analyzing the code coverage of test suites. You can use it to improve the quality of ABAP Unit tests and integration tests and to help manage quality assurance testing.

The Coverage Analyzer tracks how much of your code is exercised in the course of testing or even in the course of normal production use. The Coverage Analyzer reports on code coverage at the procedure, branch, and statement levels. It also tracks the frequency with which code is executed and the occurrence of runtime errors.

Here are some typical tasks for which you can use the ABAP Coverage Analyzer:

Starting the Coverage Analyzer Transaction
You can start the Coverage Analyzerfor management and for displaying code coverage data in the following ways:
  • From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path SAP Menu Next navigation step Test Next navigation step Coverage Analyzer End of the navigation path.
  • In the Unit Test Browser, run a test favorite with the Additional Options setting set to C Coverage Measurement. Or run Program or Package unit tests in the Browser with the Execute and measure coverage function.

    You can see the code coverage data of the unit tests directly in the Unit Test Browser.

  • From any screen, enter the transaction code SCOV.
To start the Coverage Analyzer (transaction SCOV), you must have an authorization for authorization object S_TCODE with TCD field value SCOV.

You don't need any additional authorization to start the Coverage Analyzer and use the Detail Display and the Global Display.

For all other functions, you need an authorization for authorization object S_COV_ADM. This authorization is included in the SAP developer role.

Documentation Topics:
Main user tasks: Technical background information: Coverage Analyzer AdministrationCoverage Analyzer Administration The Global Display of the ABAP Coverage Analyzer The Details Display of the ABAP Coverage Analyzer See also Using the Coverage API if you would like to implement your own code coverage instrumentation.