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Loading Landscapes at Startup of the SAP Management ConsoleLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can automatically hand over a formerly saved landscape that has already been saved at startup. The SAP Management Console (SAP MC) is started as an applet with the attached start arguments.


You can load a landscape at startup in one of the following ways:


  • You call the URL in your web browser, following this scheme: http://hostname:5 <instance_number> 13/sapmc/sapmc.html?landscape= <landscape_file_URI>

    The URI for the landscape file can be one of the following:

    • Local path


      http:// <host_name>:5 <instance_number> 13/sapmc/sapmc.html?landscape=/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/myusername/My%20Documents/

    • HTTP URL


      http:// <host_name>:5 <instance_number> 13/sapmc/sapmc.html?landscape=http:// <host_name>: <port>/ <path_to_landscape_file>

  • You navigate using the SAP MC menu:
    1. Choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Settings Next navigation step History End of the navigation path.
    2. Select one or more landscapes from the file list.
    3. In the Settings dialog box, select Load these landscapes at startup.
    4. Confirm the dialog with OK.