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Procedure documentation Installing the SAP Cryptographic Library on the AS Java  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have obtained the SAP Cryptographic Library installation package, which is available for authorized customers on the SAP Service Marketplace at The package contains the following files:

        The SAP Cryptographic Library (sapcrypto.dll for Windows NT or libsapcrypto.<ext> for UNIX)

        A corresponding license ticket (ticket)

        The configuration tool sapgenpse.exe



       1.      Extract the contents of the SAP Cryptographic Library installation package.

       2.      Copy the library and the configuration tool sapgenpse.exe to a local directory. For this documentation, we use the directory C:\<AS_Java_install_dir>\SAPCryptolib.

       3.      Check the file permissions. The user under which the AS Java runs must be able to execute the library’s functions.


This user is specified during the installation. Per default it is <sid>adm for UNIX installations and SAPService<SID> for Windows.

       4.      Create the subdirectory sec in this directory.

       5.      Copy the ticket file to the sec subdirectory. This is also the directory where the AS Java’s PSE and credentials are to be located.

       6.      Set the environment variable SECUDIR for the AS Java’s user to the sec subdirectory. 


The SAP Cryptographic Library is installed on the AS Java.


Location of the SAP Cryptographic Library


Location of the Configuration Tool sapgenpse


Location of the License Ticket


SECUDIR Directory



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