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Procedure documentationTesting the SSL Connection to the AS ABAP over the SAP Web Dispatcher Locate this document in the navigation structure


Use the following test to test the SSL connection to the SAP Web Dispatcher. In this test, the SAP Web Dispatcher connects to the AS ABAP using a Business Server Page (BSP).


  • The SAP Web Dispatcher's PSEs and credentials exist.

  • The SAP Web Dispatcher has been restarted.

  • You know the port number that the SAP Web Dispatcher is using for HTTPS connections.

    The port number is specified in the profile parameter icm/server_port_<xx> in the SAP Web Dispatcher's profile.


  1. Start a BSP using an HTTPS connection to your SAP Web Dispatcher and the corresponding SSL port.

    Example Example

    For example, start the standard BSP test application IT00 with the URL default.htm.

    If your Web browser cannot completely verify the SAP Web Dispatcher's public-key certificate, then you receive a dialog that states the reason why. For example, if your Web browser does not possess the issuing CA's root certificate as a trusted root certificate, then you are informed and can choose to trust the server at this time.

    End of the example.
  2. If you trust the server's certificate (either automatically or manually), then the next step is to authenticate yourself.

    If your authentication was successful, the BSP appears.


You are connected to the AS ABAP over the SAP Web Dispatcher. SSL is used for the connection between your Web browser and the SAP Web Dispatcher, which is indicated in your Web browser.