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The parameter snc/enable specifies whether the gateway is to support SNC (see SAP Gateway and SNC Interface). If this parameter is deactivated (snc/enable = 0, default value), no SNC connections are accepted.

If this parameter is activated (snc/enable = 1), only SNC connections are accepted.

The gateway checks whether connections to non-SNC programs are permitted. If the parameter snc/permit_insecure_start = 1, connections to non-SNC programs are permitted.


For external programs the following prerequisites must be fulfilled.

The gateway specifies its own path name for the SNC library in the command line parameter. If the program you want to start is running on the same host, the environment variable SNC_LIB does not need to be set. If it isn’t, the environment variable SNC_LIB does need to be set in the relevant login shell or in the user environment. This variable specifies the respective shared library of the security product that is being used.

You can display the current list of security entries in the gateway monitor and refresh the list from the security file.


Define the relevant parameters and environment variables.

The SNC parameters are described in Parameterization of the SAPGateway under SNC Parameters.

Using SAProuter to Secure the Connection Between Two Gateways

Alternatively you can secure the channel between gateways of different SAP Systems by using two SAProuters (gateway1 - SAProuter1 - SAProuter2 - gateway2), which encrypt and de-encrypt the datastream by SNC. Then you don not need to configure the system for SNC.