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You can assign URL prefixes to (ABAP) logon groups, so that the Web Dispatcher always forwards requests with this URL to an application server belonging to this logon group (see Determining the Server Group).

You can also configure logon groups for AS Java. More information: Configuring Logon Groups on AS Java.


You have created the logon group you wanted (transaction SMLG).

For more information, see: Configuring Logon Groups

There is an active ICF service for the required URL prefix.

For more information, see: Creating and Configuring ICF Services


Assign a URL prefix to the logon group for the Web Dispatcher as follows:

  1. Call transaction SICF.

  2. Choose Execute (Execute).

  3. Navigate to the required URL prefix and select a service by double-clicking it.

  4. Choose Display <-> Change (Display <-> Change).

  5. On the Service Data tab page choose F4 help on the field Load Balancing. The logon groups defined for this system are displayed.

  6. Choose a logon group, and confirm your entry.


The SAP Web Dispatcher assigns all requests with this URL prefix to a server belonging to the logon group you chose.