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The following information describes how you start and stop the SAP Web Dispatcher, and the prerequisites that your system must meet to enable you to use the SAP Web Dispatcher.

SAP Web Dispatcher describes how you use the SAP Web Dispatcher.


The prerequisites for operating the SAP Web Dispatcher are:

  • The profile file for the SAP Web dispatcher has been maintained:

    More information:

    Example: Profile file of a SAP Web Dispatcher

    Parameterization of the SAP Web Dispatcher

  • The HTTP port for the SAP Message Server is configured in the profile file of the SAP Web Dispatcher (profile parameter ms/http_port).

    Note Note

    In the ABAP-only and the dual-stack version (ABAP and Java) of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, this is the ABAP message server. In the Java-only installation, this is the Java message server of the central services.

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  • The SAP Web Dispatcher must be able to contact the HTTP port of the SAP message server.

  • (Only valid for ABAP or dual-stack systems)

    The following services must be activated in the HTTP service tree (transaction SICF):



    More information:

    Creating an ICF Service and Activating and Deactivating an ICF Service

    Note Note

    The prerequisites for the SAP kernel and ICF service refer to the SAP System which is running behind the firewall On the host in the DMZ only the SAP Web Dispatcher (executable sapwebdisp) has to be installed as well as the relevant profile file.

    More information: Architecture and Functions of the SAP Web Dispatcher

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Follow the steps below to set up the SAP Web Dispatcher

  1. Obtain the necessary files: Importing the SAP Web Dispatcher

  2. Check the standard configuration: Running the Configuration Check

  3. Start the SAP Web Dispatcher: Starting the SAP Web Dispatcher

  4. Set up the Web administration interface for administration and monitoring: Setting Up the Web Administration Interface


The SAP Web Dispatcher can be stopped in the following ways:

  • If you are using the Web administration interface, you can download the Web Dispatcher in the Detail Area.

  • You can stop the SAP Web Dispatcher from the console by finding out the PID and entering the following command: kill -2 <<pid>> (UNIX) or sapntkill -INT <<pid>> (Microsoft Windows). If the SAP Web Dispatcher is running as a service in Windows, stop it by choosing   Computer Management MMC   Services   Stop sapwebdisp  .

    Recommendation Recommendation

    You can take the PID of the SAP Web Dispatcher from the trace file dev_webdisp in the work directory.

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