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Session dispatching is used to forward stateful requests to the appropriate application server quickly. It uses ESID and the session ID table in the shared memory. The procedure can be used for ABAP and Java requests. For more information see Determining the Server Group.

The parameters below are used to configure the session dispatching.




Default value


The parameter determines whether the session dispatching is used with the session ID table. If the value is set to FALSE, the ESIDs are ignored and the old procedure used.

Truth variable (true or false)



If the parameter is set to TRUE, the Web Dispatcher uses the session ID table for JSESSIONID dispatching.

If the value is FALSE, for the dispatching the Web Dispatcher uses the JESSIONIDS corresponding to the server names contained in the cookie.

If the cookie does not contain a valid server name, the request is treated as being stateless.

Truth variable (true or false)



Maximum number of logon groups that the Web Dispatcher supports. Here only the logon groups for which the Web Dispatcher actually gets requests are considered, rather than all the logon groups configured in the system.




Maximum number of entries in the session ID table. If this limit is exceeded, requests that are not contained in the table are forwarded to a default server (for each logon group). This means there is no longer any load balancing.




Maximum duration of a session.

Session ID entries that have not been accessed for a long time can be removed from the table.

The parameter affects both ABAP and Java sessions.

Integer (seconds)


Note Note

Parameters wdisp/HTTP/max_session_tab_entries and wdisp/HTTP/context_timeout correspond to parameters wdisp/HTTPS/max_client_ip_entries and wdisp/HTTPS/context_timeout, which are used for dispatching SSL end-to-end requests. When you set the parameters the documentation for the corresponding SSL parameters will provide you with some tips (see Parameterization of the SAP Web Dispatcher).

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