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On the initial screen of the ICM Monitor Services (Services) or   Goto   Services  , to display the services configured in the ICM. A service consists of the following components:

  • The protocol that is used (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP)

  • Service/port

  • Keep-alive timeout (in seconds)

  • Processing timeout (in seconds)

  • Flag whether the service is currently active. The ICM does not accept requests on an inactive port.

  • Indicator whether external binding program icmbnd is to be used to bind the port.

    For more information, see: Binding Ports < 1024 on UNIX

  • Access control list (ACL file), if available.

    Choose   Services   ACL File   Display  , to display the ACL for a service.

    If you have made changes to one or more ACL files and you want to deactivate these lists, choose   Service   ACL File   Re-Read All  . You do have to restart the ICM to activate the changes.

    For more information, see: Setting Up Access Control Lists (ACL)

On this screen, you can choose Service to create, delete, activate or deactivate services.

Choose   Service   Statistics   to display statistics for a service. This displays details about requests, errors, and timeouts, etc.

If you double-click a service, you branch to the detail display for that service.

Caution Caution

Note that any changes you make here are lost when you restart. If you want to create or change a service permanently, you must do this using the profile parameter icm/server_port_<xx>.

End of the caution.