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You can use this function to force the SAProuter to automatically start a new SAProuter if the client table is full when the SAProuter is started. This allows you to circumvent the limit of 1000 clients.

saprouter -r -Y <n>

The numner n specifies the maximum number of times a new SAProuter can be started.

Value of n



A new SAProuter is started every time the client table becomes full.


SAProuter never starts automatically.

n > 1

SAProuter is started a maximum of n times when the client table becomes full. You can use this value to control the amount of SAProuter restarts.


If you use Option -l / -L to display information on the running SAProuter, you are given information about whether the SAProuter was started, and if so, which SAProuter process started the SAProuter.


You have not yet started the SAProuter. You cannot send this option to a running SAProuter. You can only specify if before the SAProuter starts.


If you want to run a high number of connections via the SAProuter (more than 1000), you can use the following option to start the SAProuter:

saprouter -r -Y 0 -C 2000

If this option is set, a new SAProuter is automatically started if the client table becomes full. New connections then use this new SAProuter.