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SAProuter provides a number of optional functions. They consist of a letter, which is specified when SAProuter is called (syntax: UNIX/Windows: saprouter -<option>, Syntax IBM i: saprouter -'<option>') or is sent to a running SAProuter. The following describes how they are used and the default values.


There are administrative options (lowercase), additional options, and expert options (uppercase). The various options can be combined by specifying an administrative option and any number of other options.

Under IBM i options must be enclosed in inverted commas. For example, to stop the SAProuter, enter saprouter '-s'.

Administrative Options

Administrative options, except for the startup function, are sent to a running SAProuter. It then executes the appropriate function.

SAProuter is started with function saprouter -r (IBM i:saprouter '-r')

The following list gives you an overview of the administrative options:

Administrative Options



Option -s (stop saprouter)

Stop SAProuter

Option -n (new saprouttab)

Re-read in the route permission table

Option -t (toggle trace)

Changing the trace level

Option -c<n> (cancel connection n)

Terminate connection n

Option -l / -L

Display route information

Option -d (dump buffers)

Write detailed information from the internal buffers to the trace file

Option -f (flush buffers)

Reset internal buffers

Option -p

Carry out soft shutdown

For more information, see Starting SAProuter.

Additional Options

The additional options - with one exception - are indicated by uppercase letters. They can be combined with each other and with an administrative option, as long as this makes sense. Most additional options are used when the SAProuter is started. The ways in which the options can be combined are indicated in the sections in which they are described.

If an invalid combination of SAProuter options is specified, SAProuter behaves as if only saprouter was specified and displays the online help.

The additional options can also be omitted, as there are default values that are specified for each option.

The following options are available:

Additional Options



Default Value

Option -R <routtab>

File name and path of the route permission table

./saprouttab (UNIX and IBM i)

<lwk>:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouttab (Windows)

Option -K <mysncname>

Use of SNC: SNC name of the host on which the SAProuter is running.


Option -G<logfile>

Name and path of the SAProuter log file

No log file

Option -J<size in bytes>

Size restriction for SAProuter log file

No size restriction

Option -T<tracefile>

Name and path of the SAProuter trace file

dev_rout in the directory of the SAProuter

Option -V<tracelev>

Trace level of the SAProuter


Option -E

Update trace and log files instead of overwriting them

- (Trace and log files are overwritten when the SAProuter is restarted)

Option -S <service>

Service (port) on which the SAProuter runs


Option -C <clients>

Maximum number of client that the SAProuter administrates. Note:

This value cannot exceed 2048

2 clients make a connection


Option -D

Deactivate DNS reverse lookup


Option -6 (enable IPv6)

Activate IPv6 support

Option -Z

Suppress exact error message while opening connection

Option -I <address>

Establish external connection, if there are several network cards.


Option -Y <n>

n number of times an SAProuter automatically restarts if the client table is overfilled

SAProuter is not automatically restarted (case n=1)

Option -H <host name> [-P <password>]

Name of the host to which the SAProuter listens; password protection for route information (see Option -l / -L)


Option -M <min> <max>

A port area for outgoing connection


Expert Options

SAProuter has some expert options, which are described below.

Caution Caution

Use these options only after consulting SAP or if you are very experienced in this area.

End of the caution.

The following expert options are available:

Expert Options




-B <bufsize>

Maximum queue length per client

1 NI package

-Q <queuesize>

Maximum heap space for NI package

20,000,000 bytes

-W <waittimeL>

Timeout for blocking network calls (if there is an error)

5000 msec


Call SAProuter with the desired functions using the following commands:

UNIX/Windows: saprouter [-<adm>] [-<opt>].

IBM i saprouter '[-<adm>] [-<opt>]'

Note Note

If an invalid combination of SAProuter options is specified, SAProuter behaves as if only saprouter was specified and displays the online help.

End of the note.