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Before using SAProuter, you should test its basic functions.

For more information, see Testing SAProuter Basic Functions


To start SAProuter:

Enter saprouter -r in the input field. (IBM i: enter saprouter '-r' in the input field in batch mode if possible.)

This command starts SAProuter. The connections allowed are contained in the saprouttab.

You can start SAProuter automatically when booting the system. Under UNIX, for example, you change your /etc/rc file.

Note Note

If you want to run a high number of connections (more than 1000) via SAProuter, start the SAProuter using Option -r -Y <n>, and set the maximum number of clients to 2000 using Option -C <clients>, thus:

saprouter -r -Y 0 -C 2000

If this option is set, a new SAProuter is automatically started if the client table becomes full. New connections then use this new SAProuter.

End of the note.

The table below contains the most important SAProuter commands:




Displays a complete list of SAProuter parameters on the screen

saprouter -r (IBM i: saprouter '-r')

Starts SAProuter

saprouter -s (IBM i: saprouter '-s')

Stops the running SAProuter