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With this option you can specify the host name and password. The option can be specified when the SAProuter is started, or sent to a running SAProuter. The two procedures are described below.

  • At Startup

    You can define the option when you start SAProuter:

    saprouter -r -H <host name> (IBM i: saprouter '-r -H <host name>).

    This caues SAProuter to "listen" to the IP address of host <hostname>.

    If nothing else is defined with option -S, SAProuter uses the default port 3299. If SAProuter is started without option -H, it listens to all the IP addresses belonging to this host. <hostname> can also be an IP address.

    Example Example

    Host myhost has two IP addresses: a1 and a2.

    Call saprouter -r (IBM i: saprouter '-r') causes SAProuter to listen to a1/3299 and a2/3299. The call to saprouter -r -H a2 (IBM i: saprouter '-r -H a2') causes SAProuter to listen only to a2/3299.

    End of the example.

    Caution Caution

    If you started SAProuter with option -H <host name>, of course you also have to define the host name for administration. For example, if you want to use a new route permission table, you must enter saprouter -n -H <host name> (IBM i: saprouter '-n -H <host name>').

    End of the caution.
  • When SAProuter is Running

    You can use this option in a running SAProuter to get SAProuter information (displayed with option -l / -L) from a remote host. A password may be required, which is then entered with option -P <password> (IBM i: Option '-P <password>'). SAProuter then checks its route permission table to determine whether the route is allowed with this password, and if it is, it displays the information.

    Example Example

    SAProuter is running on host_sr, port 3299 (default). You would like to display the SAProuter information (list of all SAProuter clients, for example) from the host myhost.

    Enter command saprouter -l -H host_sr -P pass (IBM i: saprouter '-l -H host_sr -P pass ').

    SAProuter checks whether its route permission table contains the entry

    P myhost host_sr 3299 pass

    Do_Destroy. If it does, the SAProuter information is displayed on your host myhost.

    End of the example.


If the SAProuter is running on a port other than the default port 3299, you can specify this in the command line with option -S <service>.