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Trace files provide important information for error analysis.

Both the enqueue server and the replication server write trace files to the work directory. You can view these files using operating system functions or the SAP Management Console (or SAP Microsoft Management Console MMC if you use Windows).

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The enqueue server works internally with multiple threads, and each thread writes a separate trace file. All these files are needed for the analysis.

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Enqueue Server

You can find the following information in the enqueue server files:

  • dev_enqsrv: This file is written only when the enqueue server is started up. All problems occurring when the enqueue server is started (for example, when the replica is read or the lock table created) are analyzed with this file.

  • dev_enqio_*: The threads that handle communication with enqueue clients write to this file (there may be more than one file - they are numbered sequentially).

  • dev_enqwork: Problems arising from the actual enqueue processing are written to this file.

  • dev_enqrepl: Communication with the replication server is set up from this thread; replication problem messages can be found here.

  • dev_enqsig: This file does not exist in Windows. Here the processing of asynchronous signals are recorded by the operating system. Shutdowns triggered from an external source can be found in this file.

  • There may be further dev* files that are not usually important. eliver these files to support anyway when you open a problem message.

Replication Server

You can find the following information in the replication server files:

  • dev_enrepsrv: Almost all components of the replication server that do not write to one of the files specified below write to this file.

  • dev_enrepsig: As with the enqueue server this file does not exist in Windows. Asynchronous signals from the operating system are processed here too.

  • dev_enrepha: All events of HA pollings (more information: Polling Concept) are written to this file.

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