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Once you have Set Up the Replication Server, you can check that it functions properly. Then you can be sure that the replication server will work correctly if the enqueue server fails.


This section describes the checks you can run to examine whether the replication server is working correctly. To do this, you use the command line programs ensmon(.exe) and enqt(.exe, which give you a view of the enqueue server statistics .

More information: Displaying Lock Statistics

You do the test on the host where the replication server is running.

Follow the procedure below:

  1. If the two programs are not already on the host running the replication server, copy them to it. The files are located under /usr/sap/<SID>/ERS<>/exe.

  2. Use program ensmon to check the status of the enqueue replication server and the connection to the enqueue server.

    More information: Check Status

  3. Use program enqt to check the fill level of the lock table and the failover ID.

    More information: Monitoring the Lock Table at Failover