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Object documentation Business Blueprint in Implementation Projects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Implementation projects are projects to select and implement business processes in an SAP landscape. A Business Blueprint documents these business process requirements of a company. Collaborative business processes involve several companies.


The Business Blueprint provides a common strategy of how your business processes are to be mapped into one or more SAP systems. The Business Blueprint documents in detail the scope of business scenarios, business processes, process steps, and the requirements of an SAP solution implementation.


A Business Blueprint comprises the following structure elements in a hierarchy:

      Organizational Units

      Master data

      Business scenarios

      Business processes

      Process steps

You assign content, for example, project documentation, Business Configuration Sets or transactions, to individual structure elements, in the SAP Solution Manager.


You can create structure elements for organizational units and master data, below a business scenario. You only use these structure elements if the organizational units and master data are only relevant to the business process above them in the structure.


The Business Blueprint is the prerequisite in the Solution Manager for configuration and test organization:


You configure your business processes with reference to the Business Blueprint project structure. You can also display and edit the project documentation from the Business Blueprint phase.

      Test Organization:

You base all test plans that you create during test organization, on the Business Blueprint project structure. The transactions which you assign in Business Blueprint process steps, are put in test plans when you generate them. You can run these transactions as transaction function tests.

If you use the SAP Quality Center by HP, send the selected Business Blueprint data to the Quality Center. In the Quality Center the system automatically replicates each selected structure node with business test requirements, and creates a folder in the process structure. The quality manager can create test cases, automatically or manually for this structure, from the business test requirements, or assign test cases to the business test requirements.


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