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You want to send the learning map to a group of users with the same business role, e.g. to all accountants in your company, or to the purchasing department. You copy existing business roles in the Solution Manager, or create new ones.


You need authorization for the authorization object PLOG, to be able to create roles. For further information, see Web Application Server Business Management Organizational Plan Organizational Management, in the SAP Library.




       1.      Check whether the default SAP Solution Manager HR-Org. object types are sufficient. The Solution Manager uses the object types Job and Organizational Unit from HR as end user business roles.


         The Solution Manager uses the following HR organization model object types:


         Organizational unit



A user, e.g. the SAP user MAYER is usually assigned to a position, e.g. the position "Marketing Department Leader". The position can be assigned to an organizational unit (e.g. "Marketing") or a job ("Department Leader"). You maintain the HR organization model objects and their links to each other, with the transaction Maintain Objects (PP01).

         The Solution Manager uses the current plan version, i.e. the currently valid organizational structure of your company.

         The CRM organizational units are the same as HR.

If these object types are not sufficient:



You want to use the existing HR-Org. object types and info types (links between the HR-Org. object types) in the End User Roles tab. Proceed as follows:

                                                  i.       Assign existing HR Org. object types and info types from the possible entries help under Scenario-Specific Settings Introduction Optional Activities Learning Maps Assign End User Roles, in SAP Solution Manager customizing.

                                                ii.       Assign Users to the Position or Organizational Unit.



Your Solution Manager system does not contain HR Org. object types and info types which you want to continue to use. To create new HR-Org. object and info types:

                                                  i.       Create HR-Org. object and info types.

                                                ii.       Continue from a).

       2.      To create new roles or process existing ones:


You have a central HR system.


If you have a central HR system, you should create the roles there and distribute them into the Solution Manager system, or distribute existing roles into the Solution Manager system. For further information, see Distributing the HR Org. Model.

                                                  i.       Distribute the roles into your Solution Manager system.

                                                ii.       Assign Users to the Position or Organizational Unit.


You have no central HR system, or you want to create the roles (HR-Org. objects) in the Solution Manager system. Proceed as follows:


                                                  i.       Create a job, e.g. Department Leader.

See Create HR-Org. Object for further information.

                                                ii.       Create a position, e.g. Marketing Department Leader.

                                               iii.       To assign the job to the position, Create a link between the two objects, e.g. position „Department Leader“ describes the job „Marketing Department Leader“.

                                               iv.       You can create an organizational unit, e.g. Worldwide Marketing.

                                                 v.       Assign positions to the organizational unit, e.g. „Marketing Department Leader“ leads the organizational unit „Worldwide Marketing“.

                                               vi.       Assign Users to the Position or Organizational Unit.

The learning map is later sent to the E-Mail address in the address data of these users.


You can now assign jobs and organizational units to your project structure as end user roles, in the Business Blueprint and Configuration transactions in the Solution Manager.


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