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Position management makes trading processes in Global Trade Management transparent and provides analyses that enable all business steps in the entire trading process to be structured more effectively and be valuated. For each trading contract item, all the follow-on document items and association links are entered and uploaded to SAP BW.

In the long short analysis you can valuate all trading items, including your association links, and calculate open quantities on the purchasing and sales side. In this way you are informed in sufficient time about shortages on the sales side (short positions) or stock surpluses (long positions) on the purchasing side.

The profit analysis calculates the profit made from a trading transaction. The values taken from the trading contract (conditions) are interpreted here as plan values, while the actual values are taken from invoices that are created at a later date. It also takes into consideration expenses that arise during trading transactions.


The following diagram outlines the data flow and the valuation levels involved.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Data is uploaded to SAP BW with InfoSource 2LIS_46_GTM and is then updated to the ODS objects (0GT_DS04, 0GT_DS05 and 0GT_DS06). All information relating to a trading process is stored in document-specific detail on this data retention level. From here the data is made available to virtual InfoProviders for an analysis at a later date.

        Long Short Analysis: Sales-Side Items (0GT_IS01_Q0001)

        Open Sales-Side Material Quantity (0GT_IS01_Q0002)

        Purchasing-Side Items (0GT_IS02_Q0001)

        Open Purchasing-Side Material Quantity (0GT_IS02_Q0002)

        Long Short Analysis for Sales and Purchasing Side 0GT_MC06_Q0001

        Document Associations 0GT_MC03_Q0001

From the report-report interface you can go directly from the queries aggregated at material level to the items. If document associations exist you can go straight to these from the queries.

        Profit Analysis: Profit Analysis for Sales Contracts (One-Sided) 0GT_MC02_Q0001

        Profit Analysis for Two-Sided Contracts 0GT_MC02_Q0001




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