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Using Relay Server with SAP Mobile PlatformLocate this document in the navigation structure

Components necessary to install Relay Server in IIS on a Windows server or Apache on a Linux server are installed automatically with SAP Mobile Platform Server. You must install those components on Web servers before SAP Mobile Platform can work with Relay Server .


The instructions in this section assume that:
  • A Relay Server installation is already in place in the same environment where SAP Mobile Platform is installed.
  • All SAP Mobile Platform Server cluster nodes are installed and running.

The diagram above illustrates an SAP Mobile Platform cluster with two SAP Mobile Platform Server nodes, using two Relay Servers, with Apache acting as a load balancer. This document focuses on this configuration, while providing information on what to do differently to set up different configurations, for example:
  • More than two Relay Servers
  • Hardware load balancer in place of Apache