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Developers use one or more Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins in Cordova applications to add SAP Mobile Platform awareness and capabilities to the application. The plugins that you use vary depending on your application’s requirements. As they are standard Cordova plugins, manage these plugins in a Cordova project using the standard Cordova CLI plugin commands.

Table 1: Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) Plugins
Plugin Use

Manages user onboarding and the authentication process for SAP Mobile Platform applications. Most other Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins use capabilities that this plugin exposes. The plugin interfaces with the SAP Afaria® client as well as the Client Hub application to help manage authentication and single sign-on.

You can install this plugin standalone, or it is automatically installed with AppUpdate.

AppUpdate (Required) As the lifecycle management plugin, AppUpdate manages application update downloads and installs updates to the Kapsel application. The AppUpdate plugin initiates the check for an update when the application starts, and when it resumes after being suspended. You can also start an app update manually, if required.

AppUpdate requires the Logon plugin; the two plugins are installed together.

Attachment Viewer Handles how the application views an attachment.
AuthProxy Provides capabilities that are used in certain security scenarios such as mutual authentication and in token-based SSO environments.
Barcode Scanner Enables Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications to scan and decode a barcode using the device camera.
Calendar Enables Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications to use the default calendar of Android and iOS devices.
EncryptedStorage Adds an encrypted persistent store (key/value pair) to a Cordova application, which allows you to build an application that securely stores application data while offline, or while the application is not running. Unlike the built-in local storage, EncryptedStorage is nonblocking.
End-to-End Tracing Allows you to perform an end to end trace within a Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) application to capture trace data, and upload the data to the server for analysis with SAP Solution Manager.
Logger Lets you have an application write entries to a local log, which can be uploaded to the SAP Mobile Platform Server for analysis. The SAP Mobile Platform administrator can manage setting the application log remotely from the server and upload device logs to the server without user intervention.
Offline OData Provides offline OData support to Cordova applications. The plugin uses the SAP Mobile platform client SDK OData component.
Printer Enables Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications to print HTML documents.
Push Manages the process of registering for push requests as well as exposes events that help you code an application to respond to push notifications. Once the push registration is completed, the plugin uses the Settings plugin to exchange application settings information with SAP Mobile Platform Server so it knows how to manage delivery of push notifications to the application.
Settings Required if you are using the Push plugin. Manages the exchange of settings information between the app and the SAP Mobile Platform server. Used by the Push plugin.
Usage This feature is unsupported due to changes on HCP and the HCPms server.
Table 2: Plugins for Use Only with SAP Fiori Applications
Kapsel Plugin Use

Application Preferences

Helps the application handle native application preferences by providing a settings page.

Cache Manager

Allows persistent caching to improve the performance of SAP Fiori applications. Also performs life cycle management for SAP Fiori apps by requesting the SAP UI5 manifest files for applications (sap-ui-cachebuster-info.json) and the library itself (sap-ui-cachebuster), and invalidating out-of-date resources.

Online Application Allows an online application, a web application running on a remote web server, to run within a Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) application.
Toolbar Allows an application to create a native toolbar using JavaScript.

Voice Recording

Allows a user to record audio information using the new naive audio recorder application.