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Integration Gateway provides Custom Processor, a plug-in mechanism to provide your own logic (to enhance or modify the output) before generating and deploying the contect bundle using API toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform. Define custom scripts to modify the request and response body. The custom scripts can be defined using JavaScript or Groovy. Custom Processor triggers the custom script before and after the back-end call is made.

You can use Custom Processor to enhance the Integration Gateway runtime flow when enabling content as OData services for the following data sources:
  • JPA
  • JDBC
  • SOAP Web Services
  • REST Services
  • SAP back-end content using OData Channel
Integration Gateway passes information to each custom script function as message parameter that contains three sets of data. For any enhancements using Custom Processor, the object passed to each custom script function includes:
  • Message Headers
  • Message Body
  • Message Properties

It is now possible to debug the custom script written in JavaScript. You can enable the debugger in API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform. See API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform Documentation> Troubleshooting > Debug Configurations in OData Perspective > and Debugging the JavaScript file for more information. You can access API Toolkit SAP Mobile Platform Documentation on https://help.hana.ondemand.comInformation published on SAP site.