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deletePasscodeManager( successCallback, errorCallback ) methodLocate this document in the navigation structure

Function to delete the datavault and all data stored therein.

This function is intended to be used when Logon has been initialized as a passcode manager via sap.Logon.initPasscodeManager. However, if it has been initialized for server registration (via sap.Logon.init), calling this function will delete the registration and all data.


<static> deletePasscodeManager( successCallback, errorCallback )

Name Type Description
<successCallback> sap.Logon~successCallbackNoParameters The function that is invoked if the deletion is successful.
<errorCallback> sap.Logon~errorCallback The function that is invoked in case of an error.
var successCallback = function(){
    alert("successfully deleted all data");

var errorCallback = function(errorInfo){
    alert("error: " + JSON.stringify(errorInfo));
sap.Logon.deletePasscodeManager(successCallback, errorCallback);