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successCallback( context ) typeLocate this document in the navigation structure

Callback function that is invoked upon successfully registering or unlocking or retrieving the context.


successCallback( context )

Name Type Description
<context> Object An object containing the current logon context.Two properties of particular importance are applicationEndpointURL, and applicationConnectionId. The context object contains the following properties:

"registrationContext": {

        "serverHost": Host of the server.

        "domain": Domain for server. Can be used in case of SAP Mobile Platform communication.

        "resourcePath": Resource path on the server. The path is used mainly for path based reverse proxy but can contain a custom relay server path as well.

        "https": Marks whether the server should be accessed in a secure way.

        "serverPort": Port of the server.

        "user": Username in the backend.

        "password": Password for the backend user.

        "farmId": FarmId of the server. Can be nil. Used in case of Relay server or SiteMinder.

        "communicatorId": Id of the communicator manager that will be used for performing the logon. Possible values: IMO / GATEWAY / REST

        "securityConfig": Security configuration. If nil, the default configuration is used.

        "mobileUser": Mobile User. Used in case of IMO manual user creation.

        "activationCode": Activation Code. Used in case of IMO manual user creation.

        "gatewayClient": The key string that identifies the client on the gateway. Used in Gateway only registration mode. The value will be used as adding the parameter: sap-client=<gateway client>

        "gatewayPingPath": The custom path of the ping URL on the gateway. Used in case of Gateway only registration mode.


"applicationEndpointURL": Contains the application endpoint URL after a successful registration.

"applicationConnectionId": ID to get after a successful SUP REST registration. Needs to be set in the download request header with key X-SUP-APPCID

"afariaRegistration": manual / automatic / certificate

"policyContext": Contains the password policy for the secure store {















"registrationReadOnly": specifies whether context values are coming from clientHub / afaria

"policyReadOnly": specifies whether passcode policy is coming from afaria

"credentialsByClientHub": specifies whether credentials are coming from clientHub