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get( onsuccess, onerror, key ) methodLocate this document in the navigation structure

Get an (JSON serializable) object from the DataVault for a given key.


<static> get( onsuccess, onerror, key )

Name Type Description
<onsuccess> sap.Logon~getSuccessCallback The function that is invoked upon success.It is called with the resulting object as a single parameter. This can be null or undefined, if no object is defined for the given key.
<onerror> sap.Logon~errorCallback The function to invoke in case of error.
<key> string The key with which to query the DataVault.
var errorCallback = function(errorInfo){
    alert("Error: " + JSON.stringify(errorInfo));
var getSuccess = function(value){
    alert("value retrieved from the store: " + JSON.stringify(value));
var setSuccess = function(){
sap.Logon.set(setSuccess,errorCallback,'someKey', 'some string (could also be an object).');