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changePassword( onsuccess, onerror ) methodLocate this document in the navigation structure

This method will launch the UI screen for application users to manage and update the back-end passcode that Logon stores in the data vault that is used to authenticate the client to the server.

When this method is called, the new password will be validated on the application's backend endpoint.


<static> changePassword( onsuccess, onerror )

Name Type Description
<onsuccess> sap.Logon~successCallbackNoParameters The callback to call if the screen flow succeeds.onsuccess will be called without parameters for this method.
<onerror> sap.Logon~errorCallback The function that is invoked in case of an error.
var errorCallback = function(errorInfo){
    alert("Error: " + JSON.stringify(errorInfo));
var successCallback = function(context){
    alert("Password successfully changed.");